Review in English

Nadine Aesaert bends colors ans shapes on the canvas to take us along on a journey into a world of fantasy.Her work is uplifting and personal.

Those who know Nadine in person recognize her presence in the paintings, and those who do not are introduced to a sophisticated lady, both playful and refined. A lady that enjoys life !

Nadine’s characters are merry, enticing and more specifically : feminine ! Her work winks at the vintage pin up girls, for the full bosom and slim waist have become characteristic of her work. The frame ( canvas) in which she places her characters is carefully considered, underscoring the flowing lines of her style.

This accentuates the slenderness present in her work. Hands, legs, facial expressions,….all are minimized, sobered, and we can even speak of ” abstracted” , further emphasizing that sense of slenderness, the ‘ideal’.

Through this process of letting certain elements fade and make others speak, Nadine makes us fantasize, allows us to search for our own story within her work. Nadine suggests and we interpret.

She has succeeded in needling a common thread throughout her work, in creating an ” oeuvre”.Feel free to browse through google…you will not find a second “Aesaert” ! Lovely ladies are plenty te be had, but none are quite like hers !

Text by Nathalie de Meester translated into English bij Penelope Vandenberghe.